This website is serviced by Thomas Fattorini, Britain’s most experienced badge maker, for over 60 years.

The purpose of this website is to help you choose and select a practical and functional name badge for you, or for your organisation.

By asking you a few questions you are able to filter out the badge types that are not suitable or practical for your needs. You are then left to choose a couple in a style that you like the look of. We will then get back to you to fine tune the details before offering you a quotation, without obligation.

Of course.. you can always call us direct on 0161 748 0441, email us at or contact us via our Contact us page

Thomas Fattorini Ltd is an ISO9001 : 2015 Quality assured company since 1996. Cert. GB96/4496 by SGS United Kingdom Ltd

If you’re looking for something simpler for an event or conference, please visit our 1st badge website – badges for busy people.

As an aside..

We are a pioneering name badge manufacturing company based in the UK that loves to offer the greatest choice of badges which are robust, high quality and of great value.

Thomas Fattorini (1932-2010) patented the first plastic moulded personalised name badge in 1964. Today we continually innovate to ensure that we can offer you badges that are elegant, unique, fit for purpose and ones that you and your staff would be proud to wear. We also offer an efficient family friendly service.


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